Year: 2015

Country of production: Russia, France

Director, writer: Marina Moshkova

Production: Adastra Films


The artist is suffering from a creative crisis. To find his muse he decides to go… to the dating service.

Watch the trailer here:


Kieron Casey, The Totality — The lovingly drawn and whimsically scored animation is a sweet and charming movie which offers mirth in spades. We delight as we watch the would-be artist's journey impeded by Escher-esque traps, we laugh as he is faced with paintings he simply doesn't understand. As he confronts a Frida Kahlo-inspired creation, perhaps art, and women, aren't exactly what he thought they would, or should, be like?

Mapleforth — It seems that to find love and inspiration is not easy. It can be achieved only after some confusions, taking wrong paths and changing the views. The short film offers us something that can be called a brief tour to the representation of women in painting. Works of Pirosmani, Klee, Miro, Malevich, Kahlo appear in the film. 

IMDB user review — Simple story of a man seeking a woman to 'complete' his visual of his life, setting the tale in motion with a few differing styles of art to his quest. 


AUDIENCE AWARD – Movie Screen Festival in Los-Angeles (USA)

BEST ANIMATION AWARD – International Pázmány Film Festival (Hungary)


BEST ANIMATION AWARD – NDU International Film Festival (Lebanon)

BEST ANIMATION AWARD – Jahorina Film Festival (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

BEST ANIMATION AWARD –  Festival Des Courts en Hiver in Corsica (France)


BEST ANIMATION AWARD – 28th Festival International du Film de Vébron (France)


BEST ANIMATION AWARD – Alta Langa Film Festival (Italy)

SPECIAL MENTION – Festival de Courts Métrages de la Côte Bleue (France)