Year: 2014

Country of production: Russia

Director, writer, animator: Marina Moshkova, Tatiana Moshkova

Production: Film Studio "Kinomelnitsa" and Film Studio "Lenfilm"


What if the words coming from our mouths could turn into living creatures and start making decisions of their own? Film is included into the anthology of films devoted to the city of Saint-Petersburg.

Watch the full movie here:


Dariko Zulaya, KinoPoisk — If you want some sad feels and to dive into the atmosphere of a rainy St. Petersburg, the best choice is to wacth melodrama «The Wires» about the word «Sorry» which was stuck inside the telephone wires.


GRAND-PRIX at the “Pokrov” XII International Festival of Orthodox Cinema (Ukraine)

BEST INTERNATIONAL ANIMATION AWARD at the Sardinia Film Festival (Italy)

BEST ANIMATION AWARD at the Henley Fringe and Film Festival 2014 (United Kingdom)

AUDIENCE FAVORITE AWARD in the “Experimental/Other” category at the  California International Animation Festival (USA) 

SILVER MICRO FILM MEDIA AWARD of the "GOLDEN OSMANTHUS AWARD" at the 2nd China(Hangzhou) International Micro-Films Exhibition (China)

WINNER in the Independent Professionals Films category at the  TASI Viewers Choice Awards 2014 (India) SILVER MEDAL at the UNICA International Film Festival (Slovenia)

BEST ANIMATION FILM at the “Artkino” 7th All-Russian Art-house Film Festival (Russia)

BEST ANIMATED FILM at the “Otrazhenie” Moscow Open Festival of The Youth Cinema (Russia)

CHILDREN JURY PRIZE at the “Golden Fish” 19th International Children and Youth Animation Film Festival (Russia)

AUDIENCE AWARD “GOLDEN JEAN-LUC” at the International Festival of Author Films “Kinolikbez” (Russia)

YOUTH JURY PRIZE and AUDIENCE AWARD at the FIRST STEP Short Film Festival (Russia)
1ST PLACE WINNER “for the reflection on the problems of today” in the Animation section at the All-Russian Festival of Visual Arts (Russia) 
SPECIAL JURY PRIZE “Art-Izo-Fest” VII International Festival of Arts (Russia)
1ST PLACE in the “BEST ANIMATED FILM” Nomination at the X Competition of the Amateur and Professional Films “Young Film Century” (Russia)
2ND PLACE, “World Culture” nomination, at the Animation Film Festival “THE WIND OF CHANGE” (Russia)

BRINZE MEDAL at the 56 International Film Festival “White Nights” (Russia) 3-RD PLACE CERTIFICATE at the International Youth Film Festival “Light to the World” (Russia)