Year: 2009 (made) / 2014 (released)

Country of production: Russia

Director, writer, animator: Marina Moshkova, Tatiana Moshkova, Evgenia Golubeva

Production: Independent film


Two little girls are always together. Until one day one of them wants to try being on her own.

Watch the full movie here:


Kinopoisk  — Only when one of the girls got rid of the close tie with her sister which turned into the real dependency and a burden for her, she understood that it was not actually a burden but the real support in her life. The idea of this animation film is that the real support you can get only from the person who really appreciates you and cares about you. 


3-RD PLACE AWARD in Professional Animation category at the International Festival of Arts "Moscow Stars" 

WINNER OF THE PUBLIC VOTE in Animation section at the "SHORTS" Short Films Festival (Russia)